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Connie Baldy

owner & founder

Connie Baldy began in the Multi-Family Industry in 1983 as a Maintenance Coordinator for a 704-unit community.  She quickly moved up the ranks from Leasing Consultant to Area Property Manager, to Regional Trainer.  After 14 years in the Property Management side, she was approached by what was then called the Apartment Blue Book, more recently known as the Apartment Finder/, where she continued servicing the Multi-Family industry from a suppliers perspective. She spent the next 19 years partnering with multi-family communities to help them with their advertising and marketing needs.  


In 2017, after a year of big changes in both her personal and career life, Connie began her own marketing design and consulting company, which you know now as Bara' Designs. (Click here for the pronunciation and meaning of Bara Designs!) With over 33 years of hands on experience from both sides of the desk, and her passion to help people succeed in what they do, Bara' Designs was birthed. 


Connie and her Account Specialist, Nicole Darbe, pride themselves on being able to provide valuable marketing insight with a vast array of products and services to her clients "she refers to as Industry Friends". Their goal is to provide you, your business or community the marketing and brand recognition it deserves, by providing a one-stop marketing platform that starts with a creative meaningful logo/brand to nearly anything and everything you would put that on! We personally know how important time sensitive projects can be as well as working with-in budget restraints, and do everything we can to work within those challenges. We are truly honored that you stopped by to visit our page and look forward to partnering with you next! :)


Nicole Darbe

sales and accounting

Nicole Darbe is a well qualified business professional with 3 degrees in unrelated fields to improve marketability and not be stereotyped to a particular niche. With a AA in General Liberal Arts, BS in Information Systems Technology and English, and an MBA in Business and Accounting under her belt, her ability to adapt gives Bara' Designs an edge in providing Marketing Collateral that is effective and diverse. 

Prior to Bara' Designs, Nicole worked at NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) for 10 years, and in 3 different arenas. Performing various jobs at NASA, which included items such as: Food Group where she performed organoleptic taste tests to extend shelf life for food items, IV&T where she was a certified software tester for the shuttle simulators (motion & ground), where they would essentially try to  "break" the simulations so we would have an answer to every possible scenario for the crew while they were on their actual mission, and finally ESA (European Space Agency) where she was the security liaison for all the European Foreign Nationals that would have to come on-site to NASA for training, meetings, etc, as well as the general secretary for the ESA group members here in the states. (Honestly - she's pretty awesome.) 

After NASA, ultimately Nicole became a Stay-At-Home Mom and after a while, connected with Connie allowing her to utilize her business expertise in a way that's beneficial to Bara' Designs, but also allows her the freedom and flexibility to still be present for her family. 


WHITNEY murphy


Originally from Alabama, Whitney is Connie's oldest daughter. She has a beautiful daughter, Harper Rose, and a wonderful husband, Dustin. After moving to Arizona, she managed a coffee shop that employed individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities. There she helped teach them job skills, people skills and even life skills. While living in Arizona she built an incredible community of friendships that have become family and it's where she ended up meeting her now husband! They have moved back to Alabama to be near family and for Whitney to be a part of the family business, which gives her the flexibility to soak in as much time as possible with her daughter and to make frequent trips back to Arizona to visit her "framily."




David Fallin brings over eleven years of diverse design experience to the team at Bara Designs. Before beginning his career as a designer in 2013, David worked for Chick-fil-A for twelve years, serving in management for eight of those years. As a designer, David has designed everything from funeral programs and bookmarks to high school football programs and apartment signage.

Don't be ashamed of your story because it will inspire others!

Connie Baldy

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